Reborn method of the 4th Gen iPod using SD Flash Memory!

The iPod 4G (fourth generation, model type A1059) purchased in 2005 was broken.
When it starts up, he cried “click click” and “Sad iPod” is displayed, soon the power turns off.

Probably the hard disk is broken. I can purchase the new iPod, but I decided to try replacing the hard disk unit.
This iPod 4G seems to be equipped with TOSHIBA MK 400 GAH. The connector seems to be special. I saw 44 pin at 1.8 inch for the first time. IPod 5G seems to be a connector called ZIF, but 4G seems to be different.
However, even if you install a new hard disk again, I thought that if you handle it roughly as before, it will break soon.
So, I tried to search using Google in various ways, I found that there was a way to use the conversion connector and use CF (compact flash memory card), so I decided to try it.
Let’s reborn your dead iPod 4th!

The process is following;

(1) Opening the 4G iPod with the tool which attached to the replacement battery
When I looked at various sites about opening methods, I found a description at several places “I’m strikingly putting myself in the case and putting a thin card in that gap, and it’s brilliantly open”.
What, it looks easy, is not it?
Then, if you try to emulate it and try to make a gap clearly, it will not be bored at all.
A gap of 1 mm can not be done.
What kind of a strong owner is the person who made the gap at all? Really?
So, since I was planning to replace the battery, I purchased this replacement battery at Amazon and decided to open it with this tool. I used to replace the iPod nano 1G battery with a similar tool before, so to speak. That iPod nano was replaced with a new one by recall.

Well, this is what I bought.

Such an instruction was attached.
It is English. However, as I found it easier to find out on iFixit on the site, I opened it with reference to that.

2. jpg

It opened in this way.

3. jpg

Strong force is unnecessary and it gets easy. I do not get scratched.
However, because it is difficult with only this, after all, I opened it with a thin card as written on various sites.

6. jpg

Well, it is nice to have opened, but just by opening it once, the opener is tattered.
Will it be so much? It is disposable at once.


(2) Replacing the hard disk
When opened it is like this.

7. jpg

The connector to convert to the connector of 44 pin is amazon and purchased the following.

CF is this.

Ueno hair has a fixed direction to set CF, so it is safe to set it incorrectly.
Set CF on Ueno Hair and connect it to the iPod’s connector.

9. jpg

Although it may be usable as it is, it is set by formatting with mac disk utility.
Then connect to iTunes and change to factory default state with “restore”.
8. jpg
10. jpg

The blue LED glows, but I will put on the cover …
However, iTunes does not recognize the iPod.
In the case of Windows users, it seems that all the work ends, it can be used without problems, but in case of mac it is incomplete.
Therefore, if you tried to format it in Windows format (FAT32) with Disk Utility and connect it,
ITunes recognized it.
If you disconnected the cable here, iPod was able to be successfully used even standalone.

Comfortable comfort.
I thought it would be completed with this …
Again, in the case of mac, it seems to be useless unless “restore” is done once, “restoration” again.
It is not recognized at all.
It can be used without any problem in standalone.
If you try various kinds of trial and error, reset the iPod in the state that it can not be recognized (male button at the same time and middle button at the same time)
Although it can not be recognized by iTunes, it turned out to be displayed in the Finder.
I think that it is strange to recognize the disk master and slave, so I am arranging a connector that can switch master / slave.


I tried using SD card as the final stage of SSD conversion of iPod 4G (fourth generation).
SD card is cheaper and more accessible than compact flash.
I purchased DeLOCK’s SD card adapter.
Photo (2) .JPG

In conclusion, with this adapter it was possible to recognize the SD card without problems and transform it into a 64 G iPod.
It seems that there is no compatibility between this adapter and SD card, so the 4G, 16G, 32G and 64G SD cards on hand were recognized without problems!
It was an SD card conversion of iPod 4G (fourth generation).
The battery of the iPod also got better, and it is extremely comfortable. This card is an iron plate.
After that, we just wait for the 128 G SD card to go down further.
To summarize, HD adapter, Setagaya Electric CFx 1 conversion board, SD card → CF card conversion is decided by DelOCK SD card adapter.

※ Please note that SD card formatted with FAT32 will be more stable after setting so do not forget!



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